Ocean Moon

I wish I would have been stronger when we first met.
A man to hold you as we watched the sunset.

On that beach your heart reached out like the waves from the sea.
Only now do I see how much you mean to me.

My heart aches to know that I caused you these wounds.
Tears come to my eyes as I stand under the ocean moon.

My whole life I have tried to see what God has planned for me.
But, even after he parted the red sea I was still to blind to see his love for me.  I lost all faith but you were always there to keep my heart safe.

Oh God please help me to make her see,
her love is the only thing that gives me the will to be.

Mi Amor, my love for you is stronger than it has ever been before.
for I will not rest until I am holding you again on those shores.

Please God help me to make her see my wife is what I need her to be,
and her Guardian Angel I shall be for all eternity.

As I look up at the ocean moon,
I pray the hour I am holding you comes very soon.

As I feel my heart break to the crashing waves.
My tears know it is your love that saves.

My heart is only for you,
no matter where this floating hell takes me to.

Our minds are one.
Please help me to stand until the next rising sun.

As I look at the ocean tide,
I dream of the feeling I get when I look into your eyes.

I love you.