Anger will only put your heart in danger. As you drift further from the love born in a manger. Never let the worlds negativity take your eye off the nativity. There is no peace to be found in retribution. It will never heal your hearts situation. Once you drop the bomb. Everything you love will […]

No amount of any indulgence will comfort your heart, satisfy your mind, or complete your soul.  It will only add to your confusion and lack of soulful completeness. What you are looking for to fill the emptiness in your heart is already there, but it must be found and understood. Otherwise you will just go […]

In the aftermath of an Ocean Storm, I’ve dealt with pain that has made my heart torn. My soul is worn as I feel my body wrapped with thorns. There is so much in my life that I mourn. Through my faith and the love in my heart, in spirit I am reborn. Someday   […]

Down in your prison of stone. Love was something that was never known. The nights before I left our home. My deepest fear was facing them alone. I gave you all of my love. While you watched me rot to the bone. Alone deep within your catacomb. When I met you your lips dripped of […]

Faith is walking forward with love and hope in all parts of your soul. When you can’t see God, but always feel him making you whole. It’s walking forward to a place that you see in your heart, even when everything around you is falling apart. When you feel your back is against the Red […]

Everything of this world is noise. We think we know what we want, but only God knows what we need.   If we focus and commit everything in our life to God, and walk his path everything we need will be given to us.  From that we will find everything we have ever wanted.